David Robbins

Composer for Film, TV and Theater


David Robbins

David has been immersed in music all his life. The son of Gil Robbins, member of the folk group "The Highwaymen" thus David grew up in Greenwich Village, NY, in the midst of many artists and performers that lived and worked there in the 60's and 70's. By virtue of his exploratory instincts and his geographical location, David was introduced at a young age to a wide variety of folk, classical, jazz, rock and ethnic music, and to this day never passes up an opportunity to discover and learn something new from this vast musical world. These experiences have contributed to his ample reservoir of musical styles which he evocatirvely weaves into his film scores and compositions.

David is the resident Music Director for the renowned "The Actors Gang" of Los Angeles for which he has contributed his talent to dozens of their award winning productions. David has won two Dramalogue awards and one Ovation award for his efforts in theater.  David continues to stay busy writing and developing music for film and theater, as well as nurturing his penchant for rock and roll by writing and occasionally performing in Los Angeles, New York and beyond.

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